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I’ve had this little collection of Absynth patches sat on my studio computer for several months now, waiting for me to do something with them. Ever the prevaricator, I couldn’t decide whether to make some more patches to bump it up to a proper release or give it away for free; I felt as if I was done releasing Absynth soundsets, so couldn’t make a clear decision.

Then, a few weeks ago, I came up with the idea of trying to help promote and support more female composers as part of my demo writing team, which then flourished into my whole International Women’s Day project (which you can read about in more detail elsewhere) and suddenly I had a new, deserved home for Absynth Jura.

Jura is now the centrepiece of my International Women’s Day sale, which is raising money for Women’s Aid, and I feel less bad about having had it stored away on a hard drive feeling lonely for so long. Now is it’s time to shine!

The bulk of the sounds within Jura are taken from a couple of sessions designing patches for pitches that were for sci-fi style game scores. Hence why the sounds have a little bit of Blade Runner, Tangerine Dream and Cliff Martinez about them.

They’re full of space, analogue drift, digital sparkle and off-kilter programming, giving a nice little palette of retro-futurist sounds. The focus is on pads, soundscapes and sequences, but there also some cute little leads, keys and bass noises in there too.

I’m please (maybe even relieved) to be finally releasing this collection of sounds and am very much hoping they help raise lots of money for a very worthy cause. Please take a moment to read about the work that Women’s Aid does, over at their website.


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