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Well then… What an interesting year 2016 has been. I won’t go into detail about my feelings on the violent shift to the right in world politics but, let’s just say, a little realignment in 2017 might be nice. And a few less inspirational people shuffling off their mortal coil would be good too.

For The Unfinished it has been another extremely busy year. Many bespoke sound design projects (some of which you can read about in the News section, some of which still haven’t been released into the world), lots of fun soundset releases and, of course, I’ve had the huge honour to witness my baby daughter giggle and wriggle her way through her first year of life!

But what does 2017 offer?

Well, to start with, I’m taking some time off. I’ve been working flat out for quite a while now and need to take a step back. I’ll be taking a few months off releasing anything to chill out and pursue a few different ideas.

The main thing I’ll be doing is sorting out moving abroad. My wife, my daughter and I (oh, and the cat… if he’s lucky) will be setting up a new life in either Sweden or Denmark. We’ve decided we want a change of pace and an improvement in our quality of life. We want some fresh air and fresh inspiration. But ultimately, we’re looking to provide a great future for Emilia. So, off we go!

However, there are still a few exciting The Unfinished things in the pipeline; some of them already done, some of them only just begun. But I will be starting the year with a very exciting collaboration with a developer who I love to bits. You can speculate on who that might be all you like, I’m not saying anything!

Another thing I’m doing at the moment is taking a course on programming for Kontakt. I have a bunch of big and small sample library ideas that I want to try out over the next few years and decided to bury my head in some Kontakt education to try and get there. I have plans for some drumloops, synths, drones and field recordings; even some organic instruments from my strange studio collection. Let’s see how long it takes me to get up to speed!

I shall also be looking to finally make use of my Zoom H4n recorder and getting out to record some field recordings and obscure percussive sounds. After all, I’ve only a few months now to capture some of London’s most intriguing noises. Should lead to some very intriguing new projects, I reckon.

Oh, and I plan to spend much more time actually writing music. Haven’t done enough of it the last few years and, after all, it is my first love!

So thanks again for all your support. Thanks for buying my noises, for sharing your ideas and music with me, and for sending me kind and entertaining emails and messages all year. It’s been great fun. I’ll see you all again soon!


  • Chris
    22/12/2016, 4:58 am  Reply

    Happy holidays, Matt! Best of luck to you and your family in your move from the U.K. Looking forward to hearing what new sounds you come up with in 2017. I’m curious to know which Kontakt course you’ve been taking. I’ve been looking into taking one myself trying to find some honest opinions of the few that are out there.

    • Matt
      22/12/2016, 10:12 am

      Thanks Chris. I’m taking the ThinkSpace course. I did a mixing one of theirs (by Jake Jackson, no less), which I found to be very informative and enjoyable.

  • 23/12/2016, 11:53 am  Reply

    hi matt, dänemark good idee, fildrecording inspiration pur.



  • 02/01/2017, 4:04 am  Reply

    Hi Matt, I’m interested in the thinkspace course too – how’s it been going with that?

    All the best in 2017,

    • Matt
      02/01/2017, 5:20 pm

      I haven’t started it yet Patrick. But the previous Orchestral Mixing with Jake Jackson course I did was really good.

  • 02/01/2017, 5:31 pm  Reply

    I’m going to give the Kontakt 101 a go. Liked the content of the Orchestral Mixing one and maybe look at doing that later in the year.

    Best regards,
    Patrick 🙂

  • Greg Middaugh
    08/01/2017, 8:42 pm  Reply

    Hi Matt, Look forward to you, working with Kontakt…Just now getting into using the instrument myself…and what tasty treats you will provide us, with that programming!

    Cheerios :^P


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