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What goes together better than synths and summer? That’s right, nothing. Which is why I’m going to be offering three months of lovely synth sounds in my The Unfinished Retro Synth Summer!

  • 7 new commercial soundsets
  • 2 free soundsets
  • over 1,000 patches
  • discount off one of my favourite new synths
  • plus a summer sale

The Unfinished Retro Synth Summer will feature me releasing new soundsets focused on those classic synth sounds from the 70s and 80s, as well as more modern takes on them. So, if you’re a fan of old skool stars such as Tangerine Dream, Vangelis and John Carpenter, or enjoy the modern synth scores of Cliff Martinez, Disasterpeace and Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow, or even are a fan of synthwave artists such as Timecop1983, Gunship and Mitch Murder, there’ll be lots for you to enjoy.

Things kick off this month with a double release for Diva, called Phenom Vol 1 and Vol 2. These two volumes have been designed to capture the spirit of the rather charming soundtrack to Stranger Things, with its wonderful, intimate synth vibes, bristling with 1980s-ness.

Then in July, I’ll be releasing my first ever soundset, Vulcan, for the tremendous Uno LX synth by Togu Audio Line. If you’re not familiar with it, it is a terrific emulation of the amazing Roland Juno 60. Warm, powerful, gritty… it’s a thing of beauty. It absolutely lives and breathes that amazing analogue synth warmth of the early and mid 1980s.

To cap things off in August, there will be a new soundset for my favourite synth: Zebra Theta. Again, it’s a pack full of retro synth sounds, which Zebra is absolutely killer at. And, as usual, there will be a ZebraHZ version that adds some extra analogue dirt and punch.

Scattered in amongst those three main releases will be two soundsets for a relatively new synth, Phonec 2. It’s a really cool and inexpensive little synth that focuses on those lo-fi, drifty vibes of the likes of Boards of Canada and VHS logo intros of yesteryear. Along with these sounds, there will be an offer to save some money on a copy of Phonec 2 if you don’t already own it. So look out for Phonec Phosphor 1 and Phosphor 2.

Finally, I’ll be releasing a couple of smaller free soundsets, for u-he‘s two free synths: Tyrell N6 and Podolski. So there’s something for everyone in The Unfinished Retro Synth Summer!


  • Alex
    19/06/2017, 6:24 pm  Reply

    Looking forward to the Phenom soundsets and the UnoLX. Oh, and the Zebra one. Nicely spread out across the summer.

    • Matt
      22/06/2017, 5:16 pm

      So, you’re looking forward to everything? Good to hear!

  • 19/06/2017, 7:08 pm  Reply

    Whoah this is GREAT!!! Much love from Stockholm!

    • Matt
      22/06/2017, 5:17 pm

      Much love back to Stockholm, my favourite city in the world and quite possibly my new home next year!

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