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I don’t know about you, but the thing I love watching most on TV is detective series – particularly Nordic Noir. And recently, the success of Scandinavian imports has clearly had an effect on British TV drama.

Currently running on BBC1 is series two of a show called The Missing. ironically, I missed the initial series, but after watching the first episode of this series, I was completely hooked. It’s a complicated tale of abduction, conspiracy, family breakdown and military corruption, cleverly set across three timelines. A brilliant programme.

And so, it’s extra awesome to know that composer Dominik Scherrer has used some of my sounds in his riveting score for the show. I had the pleasure of meeting Dominik a couple of weeks ago at a BASCA composers event, where we had some fun chatting about The Missing. He’s a really nice and interesting guy to spend time with. Hoping to work with him more closely in the future and also hugely looking forward to the denouement of this show!


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