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UPDATE: The Unfinished Summer Sale now extended to Monday 11th July.


With almost tedious predictability, I sit in my office about to type about my Summer Sale and the rain is absolutely pinging it down outside. Sigh.

Anyway, let’s brighten the gloom with news of the delightful The Unfinished Summer Sale 2016 in all its wondrous glory. There are no gimmicks, no piffling discounts, just good value money off joy. All you need do is use the discount code FABOMATIC.

You can get up to 50% off some titles, including Diva Ex Machina, Omnisphere Horizon III, Zebra Continuum and the Kontakt Bundle. A more detailed list of the discounts available is below.

50% Off
Diva Ex Machina, FM8 Akheron, Massive Darkscore IV, Massive Transcience, Omnisphere Capricorn, Omnisphere Horizon, Omnisphere Horizon II, Omnisphere Horizon III, Trilian Raptor, Zebra Continuum, Zebra Continuum: Dark Edition, Algorhythms 02 and Kontakt Bundle.

40% Off
Absynth Obsidian, Massive Darkscore V, Massive Polaris, Omnisphere Horizon IV, Omnisphere Lost & Found, Zebra Elysium, Zebra Elysium: Dark Edition, Zebra Serenity, Zebra Serenity: Dark Edition, Absynth Bundle, Diva Bundle, Drumstruck Bundle, Massive Bundle, Omnisphere Bundle and Zebra Bundle.

30% Off
Absynth Nostromo, Diva Skyline Vol 1, Diva Skyline Vol 2, Omnisphere Colossus, Omnisphere Horizon V Deluxe, Zebra Borealis, Zebra Borealis: Dark Edition, Zebra Kronos, Zebra Kronos: Dark Edition, Zebra Luminae, Zebra Luminae: Dark Edition and the Complete Bundle.

The only products not in the Summer Sale 2016 are the more recent releases: Diva Praxis, Omnisphere Ferox, Zebra Gravastar, Zebra Gravastar: Dark Edition, Humankind 01 and Humankind 02.

Happy shopping!

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