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I’ve been a huge fan of Soniccouture sample libraries for a long time now, and own many of them.

Add that to my Scandinavian obsession and I was thrilled to learn they were releasing a Nyckelharpa library. The nyckelharpa is Sweden’s national instrument, an folk string instrument that uses keys to change the pitch, rather than using the fingers. It’s a beautiful instrument and Soniccouture have done a great job of capturing its spirit.

I got the chance to be a beta tester for the library and also provide some of the numerous sound design presets that come with it.

Check it out the Nyckelharpa at the Soniccouture website.


  • 05/11/2018, 7:46 pm  Reply

    I was listening to the demos for this library the other day. They sound amazing, and I will be purchasing it soon. I love how playable the Soniccoture libraries are! I’m also looking forward to purchasing some of your libraries in the near future as well…

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