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My friend Erwann Kermorvant (who is also responsible for the terrific score the Emmy award-winning French TV series, Braquo) got in touch with me to share with me his soundtrack to a new series called Section Zero.

Section Zero is a brutal thriller set in a dystopian near future, produced by Europacorp (Luc Besson‘s porduciton company) and Erwann’s score for it is terrific. He’s used a large number of The Unfinished sounds in the soundtrack, which is great to hear.

In fact, initially, I was supposed to be producing some bespoke sounds for the project for Erwann, but our schedules never managed to tie up. Hopefully there’ll be a second season and we’ll finally be able to work together.

I’ll be needing to grab a copy on DVD anyway, as it stars an actor whose performances I enjoy very much, Ola Rapace, who was brilliant in the original Swedish version of Wallander – one of my favourite TV series of all-time.


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