Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

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The Resident Evil film series, much like the zombies it depicts, seems destined never to die. Even though the latest chapter is named the “final” one, somehow I suspect there may be undead life in the franchise yet.

My friend Paul Haslinger has written the score for the latest (last?) installment and let me know that he has used my Kontakt library, Algorhythms 02, extensively on the soundtrack.

This pleases me enormously, as Algorhythms 02 is one of my favourite secret weapons. You can hear its crunchy synth drums on a number of cues. I think, from what I’ve heard of the music, there may also be some Diva sounds of mine lurking in there somewhere.

Anyway, go check out Algorhythms 02 if you haven’t already, it’s a really fun and inexpensive collection of synth drum kits for Kontakt.

And hopefully, I’ll be working directly with Paul on some new sounds very shortly – so watch this space.


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