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Had a lovely message from composer, Gregory Tripi, letting me know that he used lots of The Unfinished synth sounds in his score for Manhunt: Unabomber, the critically acclaimed Discovery Channel series.

The soundtrack features soundsets such as Zebra Elysium (apparently Gregory’s favourite soundset of mine!) and Zebra Vellum, as well as Diva Phenom Vol 1 and Vol 2.

There’s also some lovely use of cristal bachet and gamelan/hang drum/steel drum (I’m not sure which, I should have asked!) used in the music, which is an absolutely fabulous listen. I also recommend checking out Gregory’s score for Rememory, which is one of my current favourites.

Gregory also mentioned that he’s been using some The Unfinished sounds on a new score with Cliff Martinez. More news on that soon, I hope!


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