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If, like me, you’re a fan of the Star Wars series (well, most of it, ahem… cough… Phantom Menace… sigh), you’ll take an interest in the various fanfic films that keep cropping up on YouTube and Vimeo and the like. There certainly seems to be a greater preponderance of them since Disney took over and “rebooted” the franchise, though the quality is fairly up and down.

Recently, a really terrific new Star Wars universe short has been released, called Hoshino. It quickly develops an origin story for a young female Jedi, who develops skills to counter the fact she is blind.

The composer, Joey Newman (and yes, he is a member of THAT Newman dynasty), has been a regular customer of my soundsets for a while now and was kind enough to let me know that he used some The Unfinished sounds on his score for Hoshino. He’s delivered some lovely music that makes gentle nods to the Williams’ scores, whilst maintaining its own identity.

I thoroughly recommend checking the film out. It uses CGI to tell the story, rather than just flings it on to make up for a lack of story, as so many fanfic shorts do!


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