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For a long time now, Jonathan Sharp has been a key member of my demo writing team. He’s written some of the most eclectic and original demos, and releases equally eclectic and original music under the guise of Heartwood Institute.

Now, he’s branched out into synth programming himself as Heartwood Soundware.

As with his Heartwood Institute music, the sounds are a blend of the unusual and the ethereal. He draws on influences such as Hauntology, Music Concrete, the Radiophonic Workshop and Berlin School electronica, to provide a unique palette of synth patches. So far he’s released two soundsets for Diva and RePro5 – so u-he fans will be pleased. I even did a demo track for his RePro5 soundset.

If you like your synth patches on the esoteric side, you’ll really dig what he’s coming up with.


  • Kav
    06/12/2020, 2:37 am  Reply

    I bought a few Heartwood soundsets last year and I’m just about to buy some more on sale – I can confirm that they are all proper nice. Between you and Jonathan, I reckon I’m pretty well sorted.

  • Matt
    06/12/2020, 10:39 am  Reply

    Yeah, Jonathan’s stuff is really cool. He’s really doing his own thing, which is great.

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