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If you don’t already know them, I can highly recommend both Orbit and Eclipse by Wide Blue Sound.

They’re pretty unique in their approach to synthesis, using what Jeff Rona, Nathan Rightnour and the team call an orbital system. It works by loading up four individual samples and cycling through them sequentially. You have a large number of controls over each sample: filtering, panning, volume and tuning. Plus, there is a main control for each patch whereby you select one of three options (Chop, Flow, Pulse) which affects how much movement there is as it cycles through the samples. Then, after that, you also have further modulation controls, where you can process the sound further with four sequencers.

I had the very great pleasure of producing a number of factory presets for both Orbit and Eclipse. They are both really inspiring tools to work with. Very cool for adding some subtle (or aggressive, if you want to!) movement and dynamics in a piece of music.


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