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Something a little different from me, this one: a new soundset for ZebraHZ that’s a Dark Remix, rather than a Dark Edition.

That’s because I’ve taken another programmer’s synth sounds and given them my own twist. My regular demo writer, Stephan Baer, has branched out on his own path of synth sound design, under the name of Sonic Underworld, releasing sounds for Zebra, Diva, Uno LX, RePro1 and Tyrell N6 (plenty of my favourite synths in that collection!).

I’ve taken one of his Zebra soundsets he’s designed, Kaleidoscope, and remixed it for ZebraHZ, creating a collection of dark and brooding, modern and classic cinematic synth sounds. Within the 128 patches there are sequences in even and odd time signatures, low and powerful basses, pulses, fx, ethnic instruments, atmospheric pads, dark expansive soundscapes, and inspiring leads.

Zebra Kaleidoscope: Dark Remix and Stephan’s original version of Kaleidoscope are both available to purchase at the Sonic Underworld website.

It’s been a pleasure working with Stephan, who is a very talented guy and really knows a lot about synthesis. I recommend taking a good look and listen over at his site. Give him your support!


  • 01/10/2017, 5:50 am  Reply

    Thanks buddy, very much appreciated! You are not so bad yourself!

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