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Getting an email from the legend that is Eric Persing, asking if I’d like to be part of the beta team for Omnisphere 2, and also if I’d like to create some factory patches… well, that was quite a date in my calendar.

I knew that Eric was aware of the soundsets I had done for Omnisphere previously. He had been very kind with his feedback on them.

So, it was a huge pleasure to be invited to put together some sounds that would be part of the launch of Omnisphere’s revamp. There’s a wealth of new features in this major update: a whole new synthesis engine, fantastic new soundsources, new effects, an update sequencer/arpeggiator and some great new ideas for finding the sound you want.

I’ve created a walkthrough video that goes through a number of the factory patches I created, whilst also highlighting some of the new ideas that are powering this amazing synth.

And keep an eye out for new soundsets from me, utilising Omnisphere 2’s great new features.


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