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Early last year, I was invited by u-he to create a signature soundset for them. I took a while deciding what direction a soundset for them should take. I wanted it to be something different from my usual releases for their synths, so briefly considered doing a first full soundset for either Hive or Bazille.

However, I was finally inspired when having a conversation with Detroit techno legend, Carl Craig. He’s a user of my Diva patches and we were discussing the idea of me doing a techno soundset. His suggestion was that, if I did do one, it should be like no techno soundset ever created before.

Naturally, I considered this an intriguing challenge.

I’m a big fan of artists such as Kiasmos, Jon Hopkins and Christian Loffler, who have blended the sounds of techno with a more cinematic approach. So, I wanted to introduce some of that atmospheric vibe, alongside some more brutal, hard-hitting, even atonal, ideas.

The result, Diva Oxide, is a lustrous, dark and tense collection of patches that are equally at home in the world of synth-driven soundtracks, as they are on the sweat-soaked dancefloor.

It’s been a pleasure working with Urs, Oddvar and the team at u-he, and I hope our collaboration finds a place in your studio and future projects.


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