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It was a really huge honour to be contacted by the legendary German synth manufacturer, Access, and be asked to create a Signature Soundset for them. Not least when I saw the role call of names that had done one before me: Howard Scarr, Sasha and Richard Devine.

I had never done a hardware synth soundset before, so it was somewhat daunting when a pristine Virus TI2 Polar turned up in the post for me to start programming with! Fortunately, the TI series have quite a neat software editor that cushioned the blow and lead me gently into the world of hardware synth programming.

Now, to me, as someone who was a massive fan of trance music in the late 90s/early 00s, the Virus series are always closely associated with the genre of music. Everyone had them. I even briefly had a Virus B rack myself, long before I had any clue what I was doing! However, naturally I wanted to use the TI2 to create a more cinematic experience. Sure, there’d be punchy basses and driving sequences, but I also wanted to discover some more ethereal and organic sounds with it.

Hopefully this is what I achieved. I remain extremely glad that they asked me to become a part of the Virus story.

Below is a promo video that Access put together using my Chiarascuro soundset and some Spitfire Audio drums…


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