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I first met Michael Price, through a mutual friend, at the premiere of a film he had scored and co-produced, Delicious, and then again a few weeks later at a small concert he was playing in London. He was interested in my sounds and a little after that I sent him some that I’d made with Zebra.

Michael enjoyed them enough to ask me if I could make some sounds for a new TV series he was working on, Unforgotten. The programme sounded exactly the kind of dark and labyrinthine detective series I’d normally watch, so I leapt at the opportunity.

I was asked to create a small palette of sounds that reflected ‘melancholic but intriguing piano textures’. I chose Omnisphere and Zebra to interpret this brief. Omnisphere has some nice piano samples within it, and Zebra’s very good at creating electric piano sounds and dampened/resonant string synths. It was fun taking these keyboard sounds, blending them, and pushing and pulling them in different directions, to create pads, atmospheres and sequences, as well as melodic patches.

Although it was a smaller job than usual, it was very rewarding to be attacking such a beguiling brief.

Michael is one of the finest UK composers working today and has released some beautiful music on my favourite record label, Erased Tapes. I do hope to have the opportunity to work with again in the future.

UPDATE: I have sat down over the last couple of days and watched the series on DVD and it was fantastic. Hugely proud of being a small part of such a terrific television series. Apparently there’s to be a season two, which is very good news.


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