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This is a project that kind of crept up on me. Nathan Furst got in touch, saying that he liked my sounds and that he needed some for a new film score.

In fact, it wasn’t until I was sent a document to sign bearing the insignia of Dreamworks that I had any clue what we were working on!

With Need For Speed, Nathan was looking for sounds with an analogue, retro-modern feel. With the instincts of classic synth sounds, but a contemporary sensibility. This meant we just had to use u-he Diva.

This was effectively my first project working with Diva and I instantly fell in love with the accuracy and character of its analogue modelling. It’s a beautiful sounding synth and worked a treat in giving us the warm, gritty vibe required. This also became the first bespoke job where I was able to use the name of the project when selling the sounds commercially. So, a big thanks to Nathan and Dreamworks for that.

You can get the sounds used in Need For Speed in my soundset Diva Ex Machina.

This was a real project of firsts, as it also saw the first time I saw my name in credits at the cinema. Rather hilariously my ‘position’ in the crew was that of “Diva Synth Programmer” – I hope this isn’t a reference to my reputation! It was amazing to sit there at the cinema with my wife, as my name rolled by on the huge screen. I’ll confess… there were tears in my eyes.


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