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Another project with Paul Haslinger. No floaty, atmospheric synth vibes on this one. We were into creepy, dangerous and provocative territory for Fear the Walking Dead, a spin-off of The Walking Dead.

Paul was clear that the series need some sounds that created a feeling unease. A blend of dark, drifting analogue synths and also some hybrid acoustic vibes were required. For the former, we returned to our old favourite, Diva – messing around with the tuning, having LFOs do all sorts of fun stuff with the pitch. For the, quite literally, psychoacoustic stuff it was time to dip into Omnisphere’s amazing source material. At this point, Omnisphere 2 had just been released (and I’d been beta testing it for a few weeks), so we put it to work in creating some grimey, scrapey, clangy noises.

Omni 2 also came in handy for some of the greasy, drifty analogue stuff too. And even Diva managed to create some eerie non-synthetic sounding stuff.

Paul created some wonderfully tense music for Fear the Walking Dead and it was, as usual, an absolute pleasure working with him.


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