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I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Sascha Dikiciyan. When I released my very first commercial soundset, Massive Darkscore II, back in April 2012, not only did he purchase a copy (which blew me away given his track record in game scoring) but he also got in touch to tell me how much he liked it.

Ever since then we have worked together on projects, including Capcom‘s Dead Rising 3.

This was a hugely enjoyable project to work on as Sascha asked for two very different types of sounds for it: firstly, some hard-hitting and aggressive, digital patches for action sequences, and secondly, some classic, ambient, analogue horror-fuelled patches in the style of John Carpenter. Well, it is a zombie game after all!

I used Massive for both collections, which might seem a surprise for the latter. Massive? Analogue? Well, yes and no. Whilst it doesn’t do a bad job at some classic Moog and ARP style sounds, for Dead Rising 3, it was fun to recreate this style of sound but with just a little hint of a modern edge, to reflect the spirit of the game.

How successful I was in this regard, you can be the judge. Head on over to my Free page and download Massive Resurrection.


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