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Pedro Camacho and I have been talking forever about working together on Star Citizen, and finally got the chance to do so when he was commissioned to write a chunk of new music for this sprawling, galactic behemoth of a game.

Star Citizen is the brainchild of Chris Roberts, who is famed for the Wing Commander game series and, intriguingly was crowdfunded. So successful was their campaign that over $50 million has been raised to date. Which means I really should have charged more for my work! Ha ha. It looks amazing and they’ve barely even begun.

Pedro and I decided to work with Zebra2 for this project. He was very keen to have dynamic synth sounds with a lot of impact, a little bit of throwback to classic analogue machines, but with a touch of modern bite. It was clear that, in particular, Tangerine Dream would be an influence, but we also looked at some of the sounds used in trance music and gave them a cinematic spin. Momentum and width were our keywords, trying to provide sounds that would help propel the action along and also create a wide open, celestial presence.

We had a blast making these sounds and plan to do so again for some more Star Citizen music in the near future.

And now I learn that my childhood hero, Mark Hamill, is voice-acting in the game. I’m working on the same project as Luke Skywalker! In fact, it’s a truly amazing cast, that also features the likes of Gary Oldman, Mark Strong, Gillian Anderson, Liam Cunningham and John Rhys-Davies.

Check out the Star Citizen YouTube channel for lots of Pedro’s music (and a few of my noises!).


  • Wulf Knight
    22/08/2016, 1:02 am  Reply

    Thanks for your talent and work on Star Citizen! What Pedro did with your synths in the Argo commercial is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

    • Matt
      22/08/2016, 9:35 pm

      Hey Wulf. Thanks. It’s been huge fun working on this project with Pedro. Great to know how much people are appreciating it.

  • Cheers
    22/08/2016, 11:26 am  Reply

    Just learnt over at Reddit that you were/are involved in Star Citizen as well, which is great news, hope to see more of your work being featured there. Watched the recent presentation of Levsky and there were a couple of synth tracks used within the station, fairly remiscent of Jack Wall’s work Mass Effect or Vangelis work on Blade Runner, loved it created some nice frisson over here.

    • Matt
      22/08/2016, 9:37 pm

      Hey there. Yeah, it’s been hugely enjoyable creating synth sounds for Pedro on this project. Such a huge and fascinating game. Great to be a part of it.

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