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Thought it was time I updated the site with some short news items on projects I’ve worked on recently (ish!), kicking off with Swedish TV series Cryptid.

This is the second time I’ve worked with Swedish composing duo Klas Wahl and Anders Niska. I previously worked with them on a Second World War film called Recon, which was scheduled for release this year.

Cryptid is a series on Viaplay in Sweden which, essentially, pits a group of hormone-fuelled teenagers against a mysterious and dark, supernatural force. It’s a strong and compelling blend of horror and drama.

Klas and Anders are always a pleasure to work with. They wanted me to come up with a collection of sounds that ranged from sinister soundscapes (that reflected a menacing, watery presence), to more intimate blend of analogue and physically modelled sounds, to help tell the stories of the main characters; as well as a few other bits and pieces.

We did the work in ZebraHZ because of its huge range of sonic possibilities.

Cryptid seems to have gone down well, with a second series planned.


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