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A short and fun little job, 6 Underground also provided me with my first opportunity to do a bespoke job with a synth I hadn’t worked with before on a commission.

Lorne Balfe is a composer with a ridiculously varied and phenomenally successful roster of scores under his belt, so it was really lovely to be invited by him to work on a project. Such a talented guy.

In what was a fairly small and specific job, Lorne had a couple of sounds he was already using in the score that he wanted some variations on – a mixture of gritty, bassy sounds and some more organic stuff. I went to work using a blend of Serum, Omnisphere and Diva, to try and initially get the right atmospheres for the sounds and then to push them in different directions. It seemed to work.

I am still yet to see 6 Underground (when will I ever get round to signing up for Netflix, huh?) but, the trailer looks hilariously crazy, in a good way, and chock full of Michael Bay‘s enjoyably messy and over-the-top, hi-octane action.


  • Peter Richardson
    19/12/2020, 2:44 pm  Reply

    It’s an ejoyable film… I now need to rewatch on netlflix and see if I can spot your contribution !

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