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I’ve worked with Stephen Barton before, so when he and his team asked me to help them out on the 12 Monkeys TV series, I was more than happy to do so.

It was a small and specific request, initially. A cue needed a variation on the, at that point, insanely popular shepherd’s tone concept from the Dunkirk score. I put something fun together in Omnisphere for him and his team, and then did a couple of variations.

What was actually a little more interesting, to me at least, was that Stephen came back to me and asked me if I could write a cue for the series. He needed a track for a nightclub scene, in the style of The Prodigy. And he needed it quick! So, I grabbed some loops and synth and plenty of compression and distortion and put together a quick little track.

Quite an unexpected “additional music” credit, I must say.

You can listen to the track below…


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