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Price: £12.49 +VAT

Date: 01/03/2018

Absynth Jura is a Limited Edition collection of 90 patches for NI Absynth, created to celebrate International Womens’ Day.

This soundset is primarily about atmosphere and space. It is full of esoteric pads, widescreen sequences, sumptuous textures and eccentric leads. It’s mood is that of epic sci-fi adventures, told on an intimate human scale. It blends old skool synth sounds with modern, cinematic sound design, to produce an eclectic palette of quirky and beautiful noises.

Pulsing, evolving, modulating; Absynth Jura focuses on subtle movement. It has an ambient, cinematic soul, that adds subtlety and depth. Jura has a haunting, evocative and vibrant voice, that is created combining analogue, digital and granular synthesis alongside organic and synthetic sampling.

Jura is inspired by many different sources, including the music of Blade Runner, Tangerine Dream, Cliff Martinez, Boards of Canada, Biosphere and Future Sound of London.

Jura also provides you with the opportunity to help The Unfinished celebrate International Women’s Day and raise money for a really great charity that helps some of the most vulnerable women in the UK. All the proceeds from Jura are going to Women’s Aid.

Absynth Jura is £12.49 +VAT and requires version 5.3 of Absynth. It will only be available to buy throughout March 2018.

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