Massive Darkscore III

Massive Darkscore III follows in its predecessor’s footsteps, providing 128 patches for NI Massive that are perfect for modern filmscoring, atmospheric electronica and bass-heavy dubstep.

This time there are more thudding basslines and punchy drumloops – as well as the usual growly basses, soaring pads and otherworldly soundscapes.

Do you like evolving pads, soundscapes, and cinematic patches? Go get Darkscore III.

Massive Darkscore III is perfect for providing cutting edge sounds to enhance your projects, whether you need more air, more low end, or just more drive.

And with fully automated macros across each patch, the inspiration and possibilities are limitless.

On sale for £14.99 +VAT, you can also try a few sounds from the set by downloading the free demo. Requires at least version 1.3 of NI Massive as the patches are in the .nmsv format, but also includes .ksd versions for NI Kore users.


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Video walkthrough coming soon…

128 patches for NI Massive in the .nmsv and .ksd format.

14 Basses
13 Basslines
7 Drums
11 Leads
24 Pads
9 Percussion Loops
3 Pianos/Keys
20 Sequences
8 Sfx
19 Soundscapes