March 2014

March saw quite the milestone in my career as a synth sound designer.

I had the fantastic opportunity to sit down at my local cinema and watch my name go through as the end credits rolled. In 3d! Normally, I can’t abide films being shown in 3d (and this was no different, it was unnecessary and deleterious to picture quality), but it was quite amusing to see my name scroll through in this format. The film was Need For Speed and I had been asked to design some sounds for it by the composer, Nathan Furst, at the end of last year. It was a hugely enjoyable job to work on and was the first time I had worked with u-he’s fantastic Diva synth. It was also an incredibly proud and humbling moment for me, to see my name on the big screen. I only hope that I’ll get the opportunity to have it there again in the future.

There was also a nice little milestone moment for me when a library track I wrote last year, and had quite forgotten about, turned up on a BBC trailer for a programme about Burma.

Most of the rest of the month was spent working on a new soundset for Omnisphere. Called Lost & Found, it’s quite an intriguing new venture for me as it was a collaboration with another sound designer – Pendle Poucher. Pendle makes the most amazing an quirky little sample libraries for Kontakt, that I highly recommend you go and check out. It was huge fun working with him and I think we both tested each other’s skills with this dark but beautiful soundset. We’re both hugely proud of it.

I also have a litle news about another upcoming synth soundset release. I ran a little poll on both my Facebook page and also VI Control, asking people there to decide which of four softsynths I would release a soundset for. The choices were Absynth, FM8, Massive and Trilian. And the winner was… Trilian. Though it was a close run thing! So, I have started work on that and it should be released in May.

Finally, it has been major upgrade time in the studio. My more recent projects (both composing and sound designing) have been pushing my old PC to its limits. So, I have invested in a brand new one, with some very exciting specs. It is currently being built and should arrive within the next two to three weeks, Hurrah!


  • Michael Sinay Says

    Hi Matt,

    Glad I discovered you. Love your work as a designer and composer. Looking forward to beng a “frequent flier” customer in the near future. As I’m also in the “ouch, I think it’s time to build a new PC” mode I’m curious as to what you’ve speced out if you don’t mind sharing…Looking forward to the Trillian set as well!
    M.J. Sinay

    • Matt Says

      Hey Michael,

      Thanks for your kind comments. If you want to chat about PC specs, by all means send me an email.


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