December 2013

Another year goes by… This has technically been my first full calendar year working in the music industry and I could not have begun to imagine how well it would go. I took a bit of a risk quitting my office job and moving to London, but it has been (so far, touch wood!) worth it.

As well as increasing my output of commercial synth soundsets, I have also had the fantastic opportunity to work on a Hollywood film, Olympus Has Fallen. I have recently completed some synth sound design on my second Hollywood feature, to be released in 2014.

So, thank you to all of you who have supported and encouraged me in 2013. I couldn’t have done it without you and I hope to keep you entertained with new projects in 2014.

However, what have I been up to in December? The majority of my time has been spent working on my Humankind project. With the soundsets an demos completed, it’s all been about promoting them alla round the internet, in the hope of raising as much money for Oxfam as possible. With only a few days of the exclusive sale period to go, the total has just crept past the £3,000 mark. Way beyond what I had imagined would be raised!

Other than that, I have been taking some time out to relax (it has been Christmas after all) and plan for 2014. And what do I have planned for the new year? I’m glad you asked…

I have, of course, got some new synth soundsets lined up. There will be a new Zebra collection coming early in 2014 (probably February) and also new soundsets for Omnisphere and Diva. I am also currently working on a soundset for a hardware synth, but I can’t tell you too much about that… yet. I shall be embarking on my first proper sample library this year as well. Those of you who enjoyed my little Drumstruck library, will be pleased to know I am planning a much larger, more expansive and flexible version. Plans are afoot also for some collaborations on synth soundsets and sample libraries with some very cool people an companies. Some are almost completed, others are still in the brainstorming stage, but I’m excited by all of them.

So, thanks again for all your kind messages, the sharing of music and (naturally) for buying my sounds and keeping me going.

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  • Franto Says

    I’m glad you have such good year after The Change:) Let 2014 be even better. Looking forward for your sounsets and libraries :)

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