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‘Tis the season to eat holly! Or something.

Welcome to The Unfinished Christmas Sale 2018. I can’t guarantee you snow, but I can guarantee you some lovely discounts on my synth sounds and sample libraries. Will that do? I hope so.

As well as running a sale (from 7th to 28th December), I’m bringing back some discontinued soundsets as a little bundle, called Vintage Vault, at 75% off their original combined price! All my early stuff for Massive and Absynth. Plus, there are a handful of soundsets that will be retired in 2019, that are 50% off in this Christmas Sale: FM8 Akheron, Massive Darkscore IV & V, Massive Transcience, and Trilian Raptor. I’m also going to be retiring Humankind 01 & 02, but they aren’t included in the sale.

This year’s discount code is THEWOLVESARERUNNING – I hope some of you will enjoy the reference!

Below are the discount levels. Happy holidays and happy shopping!

50% Off:
Absynth Obsidian, Absynth Nostromo, Algorhythms 02, FM8 Akheron, Massive Darkscore IV, Massive Darkscore V, Massive Omicron, Massive Polaris, Massive Transcience, Omnisphere Capricorn, Omnisphere Lost & Found, Phonec Phosphor Vol 1, Phonec Phosphor Vol 2, Trilian Raptor, Zebra Continuum, Zebra Continuum: Dark Edition.

40% Off:
Absynth Bundle, Complete Bundle, Diva Bundle, Diva Ex Machina, Diva Praxis, Diva Skyline Vol 1, Diva Skyline Vol 2, Drumstruck 4, Drumstruck 4: WAV Edition, Drumstruck Bundle, Kontakt Bundle, Massive Bundle, Omnisphere Bundle, Omnisphere Horizon, Omnisphere Horizon II, Omnisphere Horizon III, Omnisphere Horizon IV, Omnisphere Horizon V: Deluxe, Phonec Bundle, The Snarling, Uno LX Bundle, Uno LX Vulcan, Zebra Bundle, Zebra Borealis, Zebra Borealis: Dark Edition, Zebra Elysium, Zebra Elysium: Dark Edition, Zebra Kronos, Zebra Kronos: Dark Edition, Zebra Luminae, Zebra Luminae: Dark Edition, Zebra Quasar, Zebra Quasar: Dark Edition, Zebra Theta, Zebra Theta: Dark Edition, Zebra Serenity, Zebra Serenity: Dark Edition.

30% Off:
Diva Cassini, Diva Phenom Vol 1, Diva Phenom Vol 2, Omnisphere Colossus, Omnisphere Colossus II, Omnisphere Colossus III, Omnisphere Colossus III: Deluxe, Omnisphere Cyberia, Omnisphere Ferox, Omnisphere Pangaea, Omnisphere Pangaea: Deluxe, Uno LX Protozoa, Zebra Gravastar, Zebra Gravastar: Dark Edition, Zebra Nordsund Blood, Zebra Nordsund Blood: Dark Edition, Zebra Nordsund Gold, Zebra Nordsund Gold: Dark Edition, Zebra Vellum, Zebra Vellum: Dark Edition, Zebra Minima, Zebra Minima Deluxe, Zebra Minima: Dark Edition, Zebra Minima Deluxe: Dark Edition.

Blimey… I have a lot of products don’t I?

Neither Diva Genotype or Zebra Lazarus are included in the Christmas Sale.

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