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Case Study: The Bridge IV

The best thing that can happen to a sound designer is to work on one of your favourite shows. I’m an unashamed Scandiphile and watch all the Nordic Noir TV

Shopping at Teisco

  22.03.2018   Matt   Synths   No comments

I’ve been having a little bit of a studio shopping spree recently. My synth obsession has found me adding a Roland D50 and a Korg ARP Odyssey to my collection,

Absynth Jura

  6.03.2018   Matt   Charity, Releases, Synths   No comments

I’ve had this little collection of Absynth patches sat on my studio computer for several months now, waiting for me to do something with them. Ever the prevaricator, I couldn’t

Phonec Phosphor

  10.08.2017   Matt   Releases, Synths   No comments

Once in a while, a softsynth comes along and makes you go “Whaaaaa?!” Phonec 2 is a strange, strange beast. It was inspired by the sound of those wobbly logos

Top 10 Modern Synth Film Scores

  6.08.2017   Matt   Synths   No comments

Having come up with a Top Ten Classic Synth Film Scores list, I couldn't resist doing another one for more recent film scores. So, I trawled my memory (and my

Uno LX Vulcan

  27.07.2017   Matt   Releases, Synths   No comments

Roland synths. They’re legendary. I have two: the Juno 106 and the JP8000. And whilst I’m not quite so sure about all this cut-down remake thing they’re currently doing, their