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Apple Tree Yard

  10.02.2017   Matt   News, Spotted   No comments

I’ve only watched the first episode of Apple Tree Yard, with its rather shocking twist ending, so far of this series, but I’m very pleased to know that my good

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

  3.02.2017   Matt   News, Spotted   No comments

The Resident Evil film series, much like the zombies it depicts, seems destined never to die. Even though the latest chapter is named the “final” one, somehow I suspect there

Collateral Beauty

  12.01.2017   Matt   News, Spotted   No comments

I’m pleased to say that The Unfinished sounds feature extensively in the wonderful score for Collateral Beauty by Theodore Shapiro. I haven’t seen the film yet, which is probably not


  29.11.2016   Matt   News, Spotted   No comments

If, like me, you’re a fan of the Star Wars series (well, most of it, ahem… cough… Phantom Menace… sigh), you’ll take an interest in the various fanfic films that

The Missing

  23.11.2016   Matt   News, Sound Design, Spotted   No comments

I don’t know about you, but the thing I love watching most on TV is detective series – particularly Nordic Noir. And recently, the success of Scandinavian imports has clearly

Mr Robot

  25.09.2016   Matt   News, Spotted   No comments

Had word from the very talented composer, Mac Quayle, that he’s been using my Zebra sounds a lot on the acclaimed TV series, Mr Robot. I’ve been listening to the