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Collateral Beauty

  12.01.2017   Matt   News, Spotted   No comments

I’m pleased to say that The Unfinished sounds feature extensively in the wonderful score for Collateral Beauty by Theodore Shapiro. I haven’t seen the film yet, which is probably not

What’s Coming in 2017?

  20.12.2016   Matt   News   7 Comments

Well then… What an interesting year 2016 has been. I won’t go into detail about my feelings on the violent shift to the right in world politics but, let’s just

The Snarling

  14.12.2016   Matt   News, Releases   No comments

I’m hugely excited to be not just releasing a synth soundset, but also my first ever feature film soundtrack. Both projects are connected as the soundset features the sounds I


  9.12.2016   Matt   News, Sound Design, Synths   No comments

It is always good news when u-he is releasing a new synth. The Berlin-based developers produce some of my favourite softsynths and their latest offering is no different. RePro-1 is

The Bridge

  3.12.2016   Matt   News   No comments

If you know me at all, you’ll know that I am a big fan of all things Scandinavian. I’ve been visiting the countries for years (and am now leaving the


  29.11.2016   Matt   News, Spotted   No comments

If, like me, you’re a fan of the Star Wars series (well, most of it, ahem… cough… Phantom Menace… sigh), you’ll take an interest in the various fanfic films that